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Taking pride with Consistent Customer Interaction

October 4, 2019

The Situation

In 2016 Harold Liu held a full-day event called the Recruit-A-Thon. In the preceding three days, he'd committed to speaking with as many candidates as possible, and totalled circa 100 phone calls. On the day, he'd set up back -to- back candidate meetings from 7:30 am through to 6 pm, with a few rest breaks in between. The Recruit-A-Thon saw 40 min meetings with 13 software engineers. One of these meetings was with an undergraduate whom Harold felt had immense potential that just needed guidance and to apply themselves.

The Solution

Harold was able to provide valuable insight to this student, giving them a step by step guide on how they should set up their career by highlighting actions and habits they should pay attention to and hold in high regard. A few of these included attending meetups, how to find and work with a mentor, how to work with a recruiter & how to design their resume for maximum effect. Harold also created & set up touchpoints in his CRM for how he was going to relate with this graduate, at what times of the day and week he'd check-in, by what means and what questions he was going to be asking this grad.

The Result

Fast forward to 2019, more than three years since their initial contact. Harold was called in to help solve a talent shortage problem for one of BLACKROC's new clients. A unique opportunity often calls for a combination of exceptional skills and circumstances to exploit, and in this instance, the brief Harold received lined up perfectly with the student who had just come on the market. Harold made a phone call, got processes underway, and two weeks after the initial brief had settled with both parties and made a successful placement.  The insight into a textbook instance of an employer coming to BLACKROC asking for seemingly hard to find talent, and in what seems like the blink of an eye, we have just the right person for the job. If this were a visual, it would look like an iceberg.

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