Your portfolio is your voice when you’re not around to explain your projects so imagine you are taking someone through one of your projects, what story would you tell?

  1. Create a website! Go out of your way to create a page that showcases your work` AS WELL AS your style because the design, copy, layout, ALL of it has been YOUR choice. 

  2. Discuss which options you explored and why you decided on that solution. Think about what constraints you faced and what strategies you used throughout the project? 

  3. Talk about the final outcome. Very importantly, AND! what most Designers omit, tell the reader what customer value was created and what was the commercial outcome for the business. What's the point of doing something unless it has created customer and business value right? 

  4. Get specific. In the case of portfolios, a picture is not worth a thousand words as the final result doesn't always fully reflect the depth of your work. This also helps you get better at talking about your work in an interview setting.