​In this Masterclass, Sophia and Amber share how you can benefit from partnering with a Recruiter as a Client and as a Candidate, while busting a couple of myths and sharing a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in a recruitment process at BLACKROC.

A lot of work happens behind the scenes for Recruitment Specialists to ensure Candidates are qualified effectively and the best talent is secured for our Clients.

For Candidates, we thrive on being able to present exclusive opportunities to you and share insightful information about our Clients as well as market updates, resume and interviews advice to give you the best possible chance of securing your dream role. This can't always be achieved by applying to roles direct.

For Clients, it is our role to utilise our extensive network, understand and qualify Candidates to ensure they will truly help solve your business problems.

Myths busted;

  • Candidates do not pay for our service, it is our Clients who pay for helping them build high performing teams.

  • Recruiters spend their days developing relationships with excellent talent to be able to showcase them to Clients, we do no press a button and the perfect resume pops out.