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We are Specialists, with 50+ years experience combined in helping build successful teams across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne just like yours. We want to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve, so we can provide a tailored solution.

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Strive for Excellence.

The BLACKROC Group share a common value that is to prioritise operating with a high level of excellence so that we are always performing, developing and helping others. In all that we do, from administration and compliance to qualifying and consulting you - our Clients and Candidates, we are striving to set the standard higher each time.

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BLACKROC prioritise a collaborative environment so that our national network and exclusive market insights can be shared to help achieve the best results possible for you - our Clients and Candidates. We want to share our valuable insight and knowledge to help solve your business problems with a consultative approach.

Hiring Report

Top Candidates.

$90K + Super

​This JavaScript Developer has a background in front end development, with a demonstrated ability to pick up and learn frameworks quickly. They are very keen to work with any modern front end framework, and they bring great written and spoken communication skills, as well as an easy going persona...

$85K + Super

Talented Senior Digital Designer skilled in planning, creating and implementing branded campaigns for multinational retail brands, charities, consultancies and start-ups. Extremely experienced with both Digital and Print design, as well as animation and motion graphic work, and extensive knowledg...

Hiring Report 2022

​​Our teams create this Hiring Report to share an overview of the market based on current trends in our Areas of Specialty. Utilise this as a Client or Candidate to help make informed decisions when building teams, or your next career move.

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