Our Values.

At BLACKROC, we genuinely understand what it means to put people first. And, it starts with our own.

A high staff retention level doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because we’ve worked tirelessly to create an environment of support, education and care.

We’re very focused on harmonising a successful career with a sustainable work/life balance. It’s not all about the numbers – it’s about the people.


Blackroc Value One

BLACKROC chooses to focus on empowering each other through regular constructive, actionable feedback and adapting a consultative approach so that we are always sharing, learning and improving to perfect our personal and professional development.


Blackroc Value Two

Creating a collaborative environment sets us apart because together we are striving to learn more and always be improving to achieve great results in the Digital and Technology space.


Blackroc Value Three

Every team member here at BLACKROC operates with a high level of excellence to ensure they are always performing, developing and helping others.

Team Benefits


Host Events & Meetups

Our central Brisbane office has a stunning design, and layout that allows the team to utilise the space to host industry events and meetups regularly. Located on Adelaide Street in Brisbane City, we organise our own events and are always open to sharing our space with other industry leaders to host their own.

Blackroc Benefit One

Learning & Development

At BLACKROC we pride ourselves on continuing our personal and professional development, and are always looking for initiatives that can help us improve. We currently invest in multiple team activities including Genius Talks to exclusively hear from industry leaders on how they made it, and regular one-on-one Feedback Sessions inspired by Netflix to create a culture of feedback.

Blackroc Benefit Two

Good Times Committee

Let’s make our time at work more interesting with regular team activities and events organised by our very own Good Times Committee (GTC). Each quarter, the team are invited to participate in celebrations that recognise high achievements, and end of quarter events.

Blackroc Benefit Three

Flexible Work Environment

At BLACKROC, we encourage flexible work arrangements for high performing employees. We understand that a home office arrangement can increase your productivity, so if you prefer to split your week, all power to you.

Blackroc Benefit Four

We want to hear from you.

As part of the BLACKROC team, you are supported to improve your skills no matter your experience, as well as encouraged to grow personally and professionally as part of a collaborative and empowering environment.

Do you have recruitment experience? Or now looking to break into the industry? We would love to get to know you and share more about BLACKROC.

Connect with our Consultants on LinkedIn, submit an enquiry here and/or reach out directly to our Managing Director, Jason Roulston for a confidential chat.

We look forward to hearing from you.