Recruiters and Hiring Managers work through A LOT of CV applications for each role, and it’s your first opportunity to impress so you continue in the recruitment process. Here are our tips to make sure your CV is one that stands out!

  1. Outline your key responsibilities & key achievements SEPARATELY in your most recent roles and use clear bullet points to show this. It is also helpful to provide a one-liner of what the business does before talking about your role - it gives context to the reader.

  2. Your CV should reflect the position you seek. Try to eliminate any unnecessary experience or skills that aren't applicable to the role you're applying for. You may have a colourful background and want to show it off, but if it's not relevant to the role you are applying for, it’s probably worth leaving it out.

  3. Make it Readable. Use keywords that are relevant to your industry and put these keywords in bold. Try not to fill the page with blocks of text - you don't want the reader digging to find relevant information.

  4. Focus on what you did, not what the team or company did. Whether you’re a Developer, Designer or Marketer, please note what languages/frameworks/tools YOU used. Be specific to what exactly it was that you built or created, NOT what the team was doing.

  5. Your resume should tell a story! And I should want to read along and not be confused. It should be no longer than 4 pages, so keep it relevant and to the point.

  6. Show some of your personality in the layout of your CV. Make it visually appealing with a little colour and an easy-to-read font.