At BLACKROC, we support many Candidates through the interview process every day and with 70+ years combined experience, let us share our advice on how to stand out. This video is especially helpful for anyone in the Technology & Digital industry who is interviewing for the first time in a while, or is wanting some additional tips to be successful.

Advice to remember for your interview;

  1. First impressions count! Have a good, firm handshake (or elbow bump), smile as you meet the person, hold your back up straight and show interest in being there by maintaining eye contact.

  2. Have a winners mindset. The company you’re meeting wants you to succeed and be the person they hire, otherwise, you wouldn’t be in the room. Going in with this mindset can set you at ease and give you the confidence to execute on cultural and technical questions.

  3. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Make sure you know what the company actually does. Research about what they do, look at some of their work, clients and even competitors. Start with looking at their website, look at news articles and then move on to their social media platforms especially LinkedIn to check out their team. You want to connect with the people you are meeting as a minimum!

  4. Be honest. Don't be afraid to admit you don't know something! Interview questions are as much about discussing how you would find an answer as they are about knowing the answer.

  5. Ask questions about things important to you. The interview is a glimpse into what you can expect from the opportunity, so make sure you're comfortable about that. These questions could be centred around company culture, professional development, leadership and processes. 

  6. Be yourself and show your personality. If you're someone who likes to have a joke and make people laugh, let it come out in the interview. They will be looking for people to fit with their team culture, so let them get to know you. If you feel uncomfortable being yourself in the interview, chances are that you'll feel uncomfortable working there.