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Large Organisations, How To Get The Best From Your Recruiters

October 4, 2019

The Situation

There are many situations in which you may be engaged with a Recruiter — this case study will be targeted towards companies who find themselves working with multiple Recruiters.  As a result of long-standing partnerships and or preferences, their hiring managers have for working with their preferred Recruiters. Over the past ten years, we've seen our fair share of policy and procedural changes when it comes to recruitment partnership engagement models.  Typically, in large organisations, HR or Procurement control the process when it comes to the organisation's engagement with recruiters, which we believe is the ideal scenario. While there are a multitude of excellent reasons for hiring manager's to have control over their preferred Recruiter, there are often instances where they can overpromise in a bid to keep strategic partnerships.  Herein lies part of the mess in this situation. There is a further disconnect when HR is responsible for the decision making and full end to end policies of who, how, and when the organisation engages with Recruiters.

The Solution

The most effective strategy we've found for recruitment in large organisations with long term engagements is for the hiring managers to select up to 3 critical suppliers for any one department, with circa 50 staff or more. Via this methodology, hiring managers have the opportunity to nominate which Recruiter/s they wish to engage.  Also, the organisation has a say in who they want, representing their business and brand in the market from the most commercial standpoint possible. For this to be mutually beneficial for all parties, both Recruiters and hiring managers must be respectful of a process.  This includes the HR team and ensures that they are looped in on all relevant communications in regards to any ongoing hiring process.  What also must be respected is the policies that govern how Recruiters engage with the organisation. This includes negotiating terms of business that are fair and proportionate to the service that each Recruiter provides.

The Outcome

HR has a pivotal part to play in the end to end recruitment process. This approach is one that best leverages their commercial insights, allowing them to provide a considerable amount of value and cost savings for their organisation. Consequently, this will keep them abreast of what is happening from a hiring standpoint. Enabling them to monitor hiring budgets, so there are no issues at offer stage - and no budget left to spend! This outcome can be damaging to any brand. Similarly, hiring managers are happy as they can work with their preferred, select few Recruiters in which they trust and know deliver optimal results. Finally, this approach promotes clear lines of communication and a clear win, win for all parties involved.

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