Sophia Philippou

Partner | Product Management

Sophia gains job satisfaction from building long-term relationships.

“I love catching up with candidates that I’ve known for years and watching them grow in their careers. For the clients, it’s great to watch businesses mature in their approach to UX and Product; if I get to be part of that journey by helping them find first-class talent, even better! "

Sophia's degree in Psychology has complimented her time in recruitment for the last eleven years, helping set up digital recruitment practices in previous businesses and place over 400 people in her career, from major brands and blue-chip companies through to small scale-ups and start-ups.

For Sophia, BLACKROC provides the perfect balance of being a dynamic company that’s completely on top of the digital and tech scene, as well as being humble and professional at the same time.

Outside of recruitment, she loves to read books on holistic health, professional development and Product Management, or you will find her at a yoga class. Did you know Sophia is a qualified Yoga Instructor?

Sophia’s recruitment areas of speciality are:

  • Product Owner

  • Product Manager

  • Digital / Graphic Designer

  • UX / UI / Product Designer

  • CX Designer / Service Designer


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