Regan Roulston

Director | Web Development

​Regan has been in recruitment since he graduated from high school.

He revels in the opportunity to sit down with companies, find out their pain points in hiring and deliver premium quality talent fast – and in some cases talent that the company didn’t even realise was out there.

“At BLACKROC, we have an obsessive nature to be the best in each of our spaces. The culture and team collaboration are unparalleled – we all get around each other, to support each other to win.”

Regan is known for his compassionate leadership skills, ability to unite teams and lead by example, which can all be contributed to his success as a Recruiter, business owner, and Director all before he was 25.

Outside of work, Regan is a massive sports fan; whatever is on television he’ll watch it and likely try master it. You can also find Regan spending his weekends renovating or planning his next holiday.

Regan’s recruitment areas of speciality are:

  • PHP Developer

  • Front End Developer

  • React.js / Vue.js / Angular

  • Golang Developer


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