Olivia McCallum

Candidate Manager | Product, IT & Project Services

Olivia loves being part of the BLACKROC team because they empower everyone and truly want each person to succeed.

"Everyone is so supportive of each other and we're driven to grow together."

At BLACKROC, everyone is a specialist in their space and very passionate about helping their Candidates and Clients find the right fit for their career and/or team. The level of knowledge and professionalism each person brings to their space is unparalleled.

Olivia loves connecting with people and being a point of support for the next step in their career. She brings a positive, focused attitude to anything she does and is motivated by learning and development.

Olivia is a Candidate Manager in Product, IT & Project Services, who comes from a strong background in sales and customer service.

Outside of recruitment, Olivia is at a fitness class, solving a rubik's cube in under 3 minutes or planning her next adventure. You want to see her solve a rubik's cube now don't you?

Olivia’s recruitment areas of speciality are:

  • Product Owner

  • Product Manager

  • Digital / Graphic Designer

  • UX / UI / Product Designer

  • CX Designer / Service Designer


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