Riki Wessels

Candidate Manager | IT & Project Services

​Riki's goal is always to help achieve a desired outcome. He gets the most satisfaction in being able to provide the best possible service for his Candidates.

He understands that building strong relationships is a significant priority for BLACKROC. At BLACKROC, everyone genuinely cares for and supports each other, while actively seeking opportunities to help one another succeed.

"The environment here is empowering and you can tell it drives the team towards success."

Riki brings great experience of interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, which helps him connect and engage with people easily.

If you aren’t an avid cricket fan, you should know that before starting his career in Recruitment, Riki was a professional Cricketer. Since the age of 18, his life revolved around cricket, travelling the world, playing alongside some of the finest players in the world. This experience not only enhanced his skills but also allowed him to build friendships that continue to hold great significance in his life to this day.

“These friendships formed on the cricket field have taught me teamwork and the importance of shared goals.”

Although he no longer plays professionally, you can still find Riki involved in the sport by umpiring and coaching, while the rest of his spare time is spent with his wife and kids.

Riki's recruitment areas of speciality are:

  • PMO Lead

  • Digital / Tech Project Manager

  • Digital / Tech Business Analyst

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Delivery Manager / Scrum Master / Iteration Manager

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