Matthew Goode

Senior Consultant | Web Development

Matthew enjoys helping businesses solve problems, and helping Candidates find their dream roles.

“I've worked with many people who I now consider friends. I helped someone get a permanent role so that they have the job stability to get married, and I helped someone get a great contract and now they’ve saved for a house.”

He appreciates the specialised BLACKROC model, where everyone is very embedded in their industries which allows them to be fully informed of their market, which in turn allows the team to achieve successful outcomes. 

Prior to joining BLACKROC, Matthew worked mostly in construction, which taught him to always focus on the detail; no matter how small, the details always matter.

Away from work, Matthew enjoys snowboarding, cycling and playing catch with Lincoln (his rescue dog and BLACKROC mascot).

Matthew’s recruitment areas of speciality are:

  • PHP Developer

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Front End Developer

  • iOS / Android Developer

  • Node.js / React.js / Vue.js / Angular

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