Jordyn Tahau

Company Accountant

At BLACKROC, you are part of a business driven by a passion to succeed and grow and that energy is infectious.

Jordyn loves that everyone at BLACKROC is so open minded and loves to share strategies and work together to help each other out. "In some workplaces it's every person for themselves but here you truly are part of a team." 

Jordyn recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Finance. Next year she will be undertaking postgraduate studies to become a Chartered Accountant. "I love working in finance and accounting as it gives me the opportunity to help businesses achieve goals that align to their values."

In her role at BLACKROC, Jordyn is able to identify trends and opportunities for improvement and work with the team at BLACKROC to implement those changes and strategies. She brings a level head and methodical way of thinking to the role, and loves learning and developing her skills.

Outside of work, Jordyn loves being outdoors, hiking and going for walks along the river with her dog, and also enjoys trying her hand at painting and doing DIY projects around the house.