Georgia Searle

Consultant | Design & Development

Georgia is most impressed to be part of a team that prioritises an openness to collaboration as well as personal & professional development.

"The ability to be lighthearted and professional at the same time, the team at BLACKROC truly care about the Candidate and Client's goals and make the experience of working with them as personable as possible."

Georgia loves getting to know Candidate's and Client's to understand what excites, motivates and challenges them before executing to help get the desired outcome.

She is sassy, personable and driven to be a trusted advisor for Candidates and Clients. Did we mention she is sassy. Georgia is experienced with recruitment, HR, marketing, events and financial reporting after spending 9 years with Event Cinemas.

When Georgia isn't recruiting, she loves spending time with her family outside at the beach or hiking, doing DIY projects or trying new food around Brisbane. A self-proclaimed foodie, Georgia is currently working her way through cooking every recipe in a traditional Italian cookbook called Light of Lucia.

Georgia's recruitment areas of specialty are:

    • Digital / Graphic Designer

    • UX / UI / Product Designer

    • CX Designer / Service Designer

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