Courtney Garrett

Consultant | Software Engineering

​Courtney thrives working as part of a team that is open-minded and where everyone bounces off ideas and feedback from each other.

"The support and guidance you get from everyone in the team sets BLACKROC apart, because you truly feel like everyone is in it for your success."

Courtney gets the most satisfaction in her role from working closely with Clients and Candidates to understand what they are trying to achieve and helping them get to those successful outcomes. She is known for her determination to succeed and is always willing to go above and beyond to help others and make those around her feel empowered.

Before joining the BLACKROC team, Courtney was an International Flight Attendant based in Melbourne performing under pressure and helping solve passenger’s travel problems. Now, she is working in a fast-paced environment, helping solve business problems with software engineering solutions and enjoying building relationships with some of the industry’s best talent along the way.

Outside of recruitment, Courtney enjoys socialising and meeting new people, getting outdoors on a hiking adventure, traveling to new destinations, or training in Jiu-jitsu.

Courtney's recruitment areas of speciality are:

  • .NET Developer

  • Java Developer

  • Scala Developer

  • Ruby Developer

  • Golang Developer

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